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Going shopping for a kaftan or tunic? Good for you! Kaftans and tunics are the most popular choices in womens' clothes since they combine comfort and elegance in one go! To help you make the most of your buys, we present you below the three trends of the season. Choose your favourite below

White is the most loved colour in womens' clothes every summer. This season it gets an upgrade in order for your look to be fresh, modern and trendy. The Ble Resort collection 2017 in summer clothes presents a great variety of elegant and chic white blouses that will become your wardrobe's favourites all summer! Explore the three styles in white blouses we suggest you need to own now, below.

Splash into style with Ble’s new summer collection of women’s clothes –and our most exciting yet! A beautiful palette of summer colours inspired by the Aegean islands –bright white, sandy, coral and all of the blue hues imaginable – soft materials and knitted details create unique pieces perfect both for your casual beachwear style and your refreshed “resort cool” look. Discover the main pieces below:

It’s major news! The new season’s first hot trend adores everything tropical. Summer clothes inspired by the deep forests, wild nature and untamed animals are featured in women’s clothes with a touch of “freshness”. Read below how Ble’s designers translated the tropical trend via our latest collection.


The new brochure Ble for the Spring - Summer 2017 season is available online!

Women’s clothes in beige: what is hot now!

This season, women’s clothes that are both elegant and chic, love sandy, beige hues. We have gathered the hottest picks in beige so you can create the most stylish outfits in no-time!

Women’s clothes that are worn on holidays –especially on exotic destinations- are supposed to be super comfortable, fun and in harmony with the local spirit, and this can only mean the exotic destination’s sea-life! 

Women’s clothes are not always the most comfortable choices. Yet one garment that manages to combine elegance and ultimate comfort is the kaftan. Kaftans are the key items you need to pack if you are heading somewhere warm because they are as carefree as you want to feel during your getaway without having to compromise in style.

Read below the three kaftan designs you absolutely need to have in your suitcase (and yes, you absolutely need to have more than one with you).

Scarves are women’s clothes secret weapon –when we want to achieve an interesting, smart look, without much hassle. They look chic and trendy at the same time, and they instantly upgrade any outfit to a smarter one. The real treasure scarves bring though is that they can be worn 24/7: at work, at university, on a date, even at a small, casual get-together with friends at home. This means that scarves are women’s clothes multitasking ally and an item we cannot afford not to have in our closet. So go scarves’ shopping now –read on to find out the patterns we suggest you need to invest on.

Trending now. The mega-size bracelet!

Big-size jewellery is on trend for many seasons now with large necklaces and huge ring pieces taking the center-stage. Yet, now the time has come for the bracelet to act as the key jewellery item you need to own, one that enriches your look with that little extra something it needs to turn heads.

Read below the forms, designs and colours that are hot on bracelets now...


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