Trending now. The mega-size bracelet!

Big-size jewellery is on trend for many seasons now with large necklaces and huge ring pieces taking the center-stage. Yet, now the time has come for the bracelet to act as the key jewellery item you need to own, one that enriches your look with that little extra something it needs to turn heads.

Read below the forms, designs and colours that are hot on bracelets now.


Geometric bracelets.

Geometric shapes are a trendy, go-to look… on everything! On clothes, on jewellery, even on furniture and wall art pieces. Geometric shapes and designs create surprising looks that add a touch of newness on every look. Concerning bracelets we suggest you have fun! Go big, go for surprising hexagon shapes, go for unusual mix of colours.



The more the bracelets the merrier.

Wearing lots of bracelets used to be a summer thing. Not anymore! Select at least 4 thin bracelets to achieve the look. We suggest you pair them with a mega-size bracelet –adding that extra dose of glamour your outfit needs.


The “look-at-me” bracelet.


You have never seen anything like this before. Its design surprises you every time you look at it. It stands out –to say the least. This type of bracelet is the so-called “look-at-me” bracelet. It tends to be big, it hugs the arm and it is usually decorated with a single decorative piece on top. If you go for this look do not go over the top with other jewellery. This one will make the trick by itself.

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