Going on holiday? Lucky you! Exploring warm destinations in the middle of winter is an excellent way to avoid the cold and get an extra dose of summer! Yet, what women’s clothes should you take with you? Summer dresses or shorts? Perhaps long trousers? Flats or pumps? A straw hat or a baseball hat? We gather the three hottest items you need in order to create trendy and easy outfits that you can wear all day at the beach.



No dress and no shorts. We suggest you go for the ultimate chic item there is: a Kurta with a beautiful pattern. It is easy to wear on top of your swimsuit during the day and protects you from the windy evenings later on. The elegant cut adds glamour to your look without missing out on comfort. Pair it with flats to maximize comfort and do not forget the hat to protect you from the tropical sun!

ble -Flat Sandals


Who said you need heels for a chic outfit? This is a tropical summer after all! Go for a pair of leather flat sandals that support the colours of your main fashion item: the Kurta. Blue, white and sandy tassels attract attention to your pretty feet while completing an outfit that loves comfort, elegance and… ocean’s blue!

ble- Straw hat


No summer outfit is complete without a hat to match. We suggest you select a straw hat for ultimate elegance, in beautiful sandy tones that blend well with everything. Ble’s straw hat in beige with a delicate brown ribbon is an excellent choice for glamorous looks day and night.

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