No need to pack your summer clothes just yet! September is the month of transition, weather-wise and temperature-wise, thus certain summer items are definitely up for grabs for your everyday style back in the city. Read on to find out our suggestions.



The shirtdress

Summer clothes’ must-have and autumn’s essential choice too! The shirtdress is the perfect piece of clothing for the transitioning chilly temperatures. Pair it with jeans and flat shoes for a casual look or add lots of jewellery and heels for a night out in town.


The white shirt

Out of all of your summer clothes, the white shirt is probably the last item you will put away until next summer. This happens because the white shirt goes literally with everything: with shorts, trousers, jeans, skirts, even under sleeveless dresses! We suggest you pair it with a trendy jean skirt, some sneakers and a cool necklace for an effortless urban chic look.



Your favourite summer clothes’ choice transforms into a casual morning look –worn the right way of course, with the addition of the shirtdress we talked about previously. The short length of the shorts might make you feel you are revealing a bit more than you should –you are not at the beach anymore- yet the long length of the shirtdress and its serious and “uptight character”, evens out the result. Heels are a no-no though –you need to go for flats in order to pull this look of.


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