The bag


Your new favourite! Your holiday bag needs to fit everything and be trendy yet chic at the same time.  The bag featuring the “eye” -a famous Greek design that is said to keep us “safe” from the “evil stare” of others- is both unique, trendy and casual! It features a fresh adaptation of a classic design while combining the prettiest summer colours: white, blue and cyan that we will love to carry with us all the time!


 The bag and Straw hat


The straw hat


An absolute must-have! Nowadays, the straw hat is the epitome of chic, even though its simple material has a more casual essence. Dare to select a colour other than the usual sandy tones we see everywhere, such as blue, with a ribbon all around it adoring a mix of blue, light blue and orange hues. It will easily become your favourite everyday piece on the beach or when strolling around the city!

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