Scarves are women’s clothes secret weapon –when we want to achieve an interesting, smart look, without much hassle. They look chic and trendy at the same time, and they instantly upgrade any outfit to a smarter one. The real treasure scarves bring though is that they can be worn 24/7: at work, at university, on a date, even at a small, casual get-together with friends at home. This means that scarves are women’s clothes multitasking ally and an item we cannot afford not to have in our closet. So go scarves’ shopping now –read on to find out the patterns we suggest you need to invest on.


Skulls on women’s clothes.

The pirate flag is this season’s ultimate trend. Skulls add a youthful touch to a somewhat very serious and “grown up” outfit combo. It is the alternative piece you need in order to appear daring, trendy and bold. Avoid buying one in black because it is what you expect to see the “skulls design” on. Go for bright colours instead, like the white and blue combo we suggest in the picture.


Polka dots on women’s clothes.

The great return… at last! Polka dots are finally back in fashion –have they ever really not been in fashion? We love them because they add a vibe of timeless elegance to your outfit –extra smart for those mornings you seem to have nothing to wear for work! We suggest you select a pattern with big size polka dots because it grabs the eye even from afar. To make sure it suits all the other women’s clothes you own, select a beautiful “soft” colour, like pink, for an extra dose of “femininity” in your look.


Stars on women’s clothes.


Little, tiny stars are a great alternative to hearts and stripes. It is also a trend that tends to become a classic because it is a pattern that goes with all women’s clothes. Prefer to buy one in an unexpected colour –such as light blue. There is nothing like wearing a classic in a totally surprising colour! 

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