You can never go wrong when you go for an outfit that loves black simplicity. Pair your main stylish item with smart accessories in black and/or white, and you get a totally fresh and modern look you will love to wear every day of your holidays! Discover the key pieces for a look that loves “black simplicity” below.

The necklace & The tunic

The tunic

We suggest you select a long tunic that you can wear easily all day long. And this means an impressive pattern of black and white, short sleeves and a comfortable cut that loves your curves! It is the perfect basis for a look that loves simplicity but is anything but boring!

The necklace

Forget the layers on layers of necklaces and lots of bracelets all over your arms. What we want here is just one piece of jewellery that is simple yet impressive. And this means a long necklace in black with tassels, as seen in Ble’s new collection, which adds just the smartness we are after.


The bag & the Sunglasses


The bag

In order to achieve a look that loves black simplicity, you need to keep it simple indeed! Allow the black of the tunic to take the lead, by selecting the accessories in a contrasting colour –meaning white. A small white bag with a summery, laid-back design is just the perfect addition to our look.

The sunglasses

No mirror glasses here! Go for a more classic design in black metal with purple or totally transparent glasses, so you get the cover you need, without upstaging the total look.


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