Leather sandals are a smart fashion choice every summer. This season though they become even more popular by embracing three hot summer trends: tribal chic, day glam and pom pom pretty. Blε resort collection is always reinterpreting the global trends with a unique touch, so you get to enjoy fashionable designs with a contemporary edge –like the ones below.


Tribal chic

Tribal leather sandals are meant to make you feel like a warrior princess, giving an edge to classic outfits. They smarten up a feminine dress, they are a good match to the shorts and t-shirt look for walking around the city and they are a go-to pair for a miniskirt too. You will find them in two types: ankle-length and knee-length. Select them in the most popular colours for summer: black, brown or beige.

Day glam

The second trend features leather sandals that are decorated with beads in lovely summer colours: gold, white, light blue. Easy to wear, comfortable and attention-grabbers, they are the sandals that you tend to pair with a minimal city look, for example a monochrome outfit. On holiday though dare to embrace more colour allover by pairing them with kaftans with impressive patterns, in vibrant colours.

Pom pom pretty
These are the cutest leather sandals of the season! They are funky, fun and they will make you feel like you are on the playground all over again! They are made with good quality leather, they tend to be extremely comfortable and they go with everything –shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses.