Want a stylish summer jacket? Kimonos are it! A popular trend of the past couple of years, kimonos are this season a big part of your summer clothes’ essentials. Being versatile means they can be worn day and night, they can be added to upgrade a classic look, and –why not- to give a casual feeling to a somewhat more formal outfit. Keep on reading to find out smart ways to wear them. 

On the beach.

You are definitely beach-ready when your summer clothes’ wardrobe showcases a kimono! Use it to cover-up for those chilly nights on the beach or to make a statement when lounging at the beach bar or by the pool during the day. Pair it with comfortable shorts and your favourite bikini, and you are good to go!


In the city.

How can your summer in the city style look fashionable and not boring? Yeap, you have guessed it! Kimonos are an excellent choice to top your favourite shirt and pants outfit when strolling around the city or even for a more relaxed look for the office. If you select a kimono with a busy pattern, make sure that the rest of your outfit –shirt and pants- are monochrome, so they do not clash with the kimono’s pattern.



A wedding or a party to attend? Adding a kimono to your summer clothes’ outfit can be a smart move! Pair it with a short chic dress in white, black, navy or even peach, to add a flair of grown-up chic to your look!



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