Women’s clothes that are worn on holidays –especially on exotic destinations- are supposed to be super comfortable, fun and in harmony with the local spirit, and this can only mean the exotic destination’s sea-life!


Exotic islands such as the Bahamas and Hawaii present an extraordinary sea-life, able to be explored by diving deep into the emerald waters. Tropical fish, corals, starfish and lots of rare species we cannot even pronounce, create fun patterns that you enjoy to wear to the beach during the day and in romantic strolls in the evening.


The ultimate women’s clothes must-have for such an exotic destination is the summer dress and we suggest you do not leave home without one –or two, or three- in your suitcase! Go for patterns that present beautiful designs of the sea life, in white and bright colours to start having fun even before you reach your destination! Moreover go for women’s clothes and summer dresses that are very comfortable and made by cool materials to handle the heat.


Explore our choices via the images, below.





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