Women’s clothes are not always the most comfortable choices. Yet one garment that manages to combine elegance and ultimate comfort is the kaftan. Kaftans are the key items you need to pack if you are heading somewhere warm because they are as carefree as you want to feel during your getaway without having to compromise in style.

Read below the three kaftan designs you absolutely need to have in your suitcase (and yes, you absolutely need to have more than one with you).



Women’s clothes need some flower power.

Kaftans with flower patterns are classic choices in women’s clothes. Freshen-up the look by selecting a design with flowers in bright colours such as fuchsia, purple, orange and white, like the one in the image.


Women’s clothes are crazy about animal print.

For those flirty strolls on the beach right before sunset you need your animal print kaftan. It looks glamorous and luxurious and gives you just about that little bit of edge your outfit ought to have when you are on a date. Tip: be prepared for those chilly summer afternoons by selecting a long kaftan instead of a short one.





Women’s clothes are ready for business.

Yes you are on holiday but business opportunities and meetings may always become a reality –even if you are lounging by the pool drinking your favourite coconut cocktail. Relax. Your shirt-dress kaftan will do the trick and appear smart while offering you the comfort only holiday clothes do!


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